KateSpade Realtime twitter talk custom built with JQUERY Freewall

This project is maintained by raymondborkowski


What is TwitTalk.

TwitTalk is a very simplistic use of the Twitter API. It encompasses both the search and user profile API to grab both text and media tweets. Right now, it will take the last x amount of tweets from users where the language is determined to be english(en) who have mentioned Kate Spade/Jack Spade or the tweets that are from Kate Spade and Company entities. The layout is built with JQUERY (Freewall.js). The twitter process is built with PHP and the rest is just vanilla JS.


Please use demo at own risk. This is still being fixed/upgraded and may be down at any given time


How to get this to work for you

As I stated above, this is a very simple Twitter API use. To get this to work for you, you will just need to enter your access tokens in php/twit.php and change the query strings to whatever you want to search! After that, throw it up on your localhost and it should work fresh out of the box!

Authors and Contributors

This was made by @raymondborkowski If you have any questions/concerns/comments, please go ahead and let me know! You can reach me at ray @